14 March 2006

Memorial for Rosemary seven years after her murder

Daily Ireland1

by Jarlath Kearney

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usA memorial ceremony marking the seventh anniversary of the murder of Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson will take place in Belfast tomorrow.
Mrs Nelson (40) was a prominent defence lawyer and mother of three children.
She was fatally wounded by a loyalist under-car booby trap bomb on March 15, 1999. The bomb exploded under Mrs Nelson’s car moments after she drove away from her family home.
Mrs Nelson was repeatedly threatened with death by members of the RUC, the UDR/RIR and British army.
Consistent efforts by human rights groups and international agencies to secure protection for Mrs Nelson were rejected by the British government.
A member of the RIR was among the key suspects in the murder.
Canadian judge Peter Cory conducted an independent review of the case at the request of the British and Irish governments.
Judge Cory concluded that prima facie evidence existed of collusion in the murder.
He recommended that a public, independent inquiry should be established. It is not expected that the British government’s inquiry into Mrs Nelson’s murder will commence before 2007.
Fellow solicitor Padraigin Drinan, who was a friend of Rosemary Nelson, appealed for anyone who knew her to attend tomorrow’s memorial.
“The theme of the memorial is about fighting facism and, in that framework, remembering the work of Rosemary,” Ms Drinan said.
“Some of Rosemary’s friends are coming together to discuss her life and what she might have been involved in now.
“But we are also interested in talking about issues such as Palestine and recalling the Spanish civil war in word and in song,” Ms Drinan said.
Tomorrow’s memorial takes place at Conway Mill, at 1pm.

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