09 March 2006

Light a candle in memory of the Hunger Strikers

An Phoblacht

The National Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee has called on people to light a candle on the 26 March to commemorate the anniversaries of the 1981 hunger strikers, as well as Michael Gaughan, Frank Stagg and also in solidarity with their families.

Light a candle on the anniversaries of the death of each hunger striker. A special commemorative candle has been produced bearing the names of each of the 12 Hunger strikers. This candle is now available from the Sinn Féin Bookshop. All proceeds will go to the National Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee.

The Names and anniversaries of the Hunger Strikers are:

* Michael Gaughan 3 June 1974 Parkhurst
* Frank Stagg 12 February 1976 Wakefield
* Bobby Sands 5 May 1981 H-Blocks
* Francis Hughes 12 May 1981 H-Blocks
* Raymond McCreesh 21 May 1981 H-Blocks
* Patsy O'Hara 21 May 1981 H-Blocks
* Joe McDonnell 8 July 1981 H-Blocks
* Martin Hurson 13 July 1981 H-Blocks
* Kieran Doherty 2 August 1981 H-Blocks
* Thomas McElwee 8 August 1981 H-Blocks
* Kevin Lynch 1 August 1981 H-Blocks
* Mickey Devine 20 August 1981 H-Blocks

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