16 March 2006

Fullerton Campaign Will Continue To Downing Street - Mourners Told

Derry Journal

By Ian Cullen
Tuesday 14th March 2006

THE EDDIE Fullerton Justice Campaign will continue right to the heart of the British and Irish Governments - this was the message from the graveside of the murdered councillor's son. Many hundreds of people attended the funeral of 44 year-old Albert Fullerton at Cockhill on Saturday, after his death following a tragic road accident last week.
In an oration at the graveside of his "friend and comrade", Buncrana's Mayor Padraig MacLochlainn pledged that the years of hard work of the " inspirational campaigner for truth and justice" would not have been in vein. He said that Mr. Fullerton would never have let the voice of his father be silenced after the Sinn Fein councillor's murder by a loyalist hit squad in May 1991. "Today I tell you the voice of Eddie Fullerton and his beloved son Albert has never been louder," said Colr. MacLochlainn. "If there are those who believe that with the passing of Albert comes the passing of truth and justice for his family and the community that loved him and his father then they are sadly mistaken. "I want to send a clear message from this graveside today that the Eddie Fullerton justice campaign will continue until all those responsible including right up to the doors of 10 Downing Street take responsibility for the murder." Mr. MacLochlainn said Mr. Fullerton knew from day one when his father was murdered that "those who did the dirty work did not act alone". He knew that the amount of "detailed intelligence" used in the hit posed very serious questions. "In the absence of an adequate Gardai investigation, Albert took on the role of investigator. He spoke to dozens of witnesses and potential witnesses over the years trying to piece together the jigsaw. Key witnesses emerged because of their admiration for Albert's integrity and decency.
"Today we know that at least three of the Gardai directly involved in his fathers murder investigation stand condemned by the Morris Tribunal. "We also know that the British State in the guise of British Military Intelligence planned and co-ordinated the murder of a democratically elected representative in another legal jurisdiction. We also know the only way the British State and their proxies could silence Eddie Fullerton was to murder him," he said.
Colr. MacLochlainn added: "Let Albert Fullerton's life be your inspiration." Mr. Fullerton's sister, Amanda told mourners during the funeral service in the adjoining St. Mary's Church that "Albert wore many hats, namely as a devoted partner, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend to many." "We all looked up to him after Dad's death. We knew he was carrying a heavy burden, constantly being vigilant regarding the campaign. "Then he was a spokesperson for the EFJC, but much more than that, he was sleeping, living, eating and breathing getting to the bottom of what really happened, usually while massive obstacles were being thrown in his way. "He was a very strong, focussed and utterly determined person who managed to engage with people at any level, he just told it as it was." She added that her brother was "very disillusioned with Michael McDowell for our obstructing our quest for the truth and Bertie Ahern and other influential political figures for their apathy regarding our campaign".

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