31 March 2006

Family calls for McCabe inquest to be reopened


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe brother of an IRA volunteer shot dead by a British army sniper in Ardoyne has called for the inquest into his death to be reopened on the 33rd anniversary of his killing.

Photo and further explanation of this case from >>Relatives For Justice

Pat McCabe (17) was making his way along Etna Drive on March 27, 1973 when a British army soldier who was positioned in Flax Street Mill shot him in the back.
At the time Pat McCabe was on active service and was armed but his brother Gerard has said there was no way the British Soldier could have known this as he shot the his brother from behind. He also believes that because Pat was subsequently identified as an IRA volunteer it was used as an excuse to cover up what really happened.
The dead man’s brother along with the Ardoyne Commemoration Project has demanded that the case been looked into again.
“We have asked the British for the inquest papers from the inquiry for four years and they will not hand them over.
“Pat was walking along Etna drive when he was shot in the back by a soldier who had fired from Flax Street Mill. He said in the investigation that he was trying to shoot another man Pat was walking with.
“He said he took aim on the other man but Pat walked into the line and got shot instead.”
Gerard says this is proof that a shoot-to-kill policy was in operation from the earliest days of the conflict.
“Pat was on active service at the time and he was armed – he had a pistol tucked into his belt - but there is no way the British soldier could have known this.”
“Pat’s death was put down to ‘misadventure’ and because he was an IRA member we have been stripped of any possibility of justice.
“We are calling for Pat’s inquest to be reopened.”
Tom Holland from the Ardoyne Commemoration Project, which deals with victims’ issues, has echoed the McCabe family’s calls for justice.
“What we have here is that the British government have never acknowledged their role in the conflict. They have never accepted that their security forces acted with impunity and they are in denial over their shoot-to-kill policy.
“The notion that the British government and its security agencies were neutral or merely law enforcers is false – they were a clearly established armed combatant who had strategies, policies and tactics that designed to kill, just as republicans and unionist paramilitaries had.
“The family of Pat McCabe may never receive the truth about the killing of their loved one and they may never hear the British government publicly acknowledge shoot to kill,” said Tom Holland.
“However their quest is ongoing and their struggle is legitimate and deserves to be recognised as part of the wider debate about whether or not there should be a truth recovery process.”

Journalist:: Evan Short

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