14 March 2006

Editorial: Don't Reward Paramilitaries

Derry Journal

Tuesday 14th March 2006

LOYALIST PARAMILITARY groups should wind up all their activities now or be shut down by the authorities. Recent remarks from a number of loyalist sources have been bizarre to say the very least.
For example, what good is disbandment without decommissioning? It simply doesn't work. The UDA and other loyalist paramilitary groups need to wise up and get real. They have to go out of business or be put out of business. This is the clear choice they face and it isn't one that should require reward or thanks. The entire nationalist community know exactly what loyalist paramilitarism is all about. Indeed, it is very hard to take the UDA posing as if they are somehow at the vanguard of some battle against deprivation in communities while, at the same time, they poison their own communities with drugs, rip-off businesses and intimidate Catholics and ethnic minorities from their homes. The British Government must not indulge loyalists in these pretensions to be saviours of their communities. Instead, they should put it up to them to do what communities want them to do - wind up and shut down.

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