25 March 2006

DUP clashes with SF over posters of hunger strikers

Daily Ireland

Connla Young

The Democratic Unionist Party has led calls for posters erected in honour of the hunger strikers to be taken down in Co Antrim. Many large posters depicting the 12 hunger strikers were put up this week in predominantly nationalist parts of the Ballymena Borough Council area. The posters depict the ten men who died in 1981, as well as Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg.
Ballymena DUP councillor Paul Frew said: “Calls have been made by various people to have them brought down. People are offended by them.
“Ultimately, these people are terrorists, murderers and bombers and we have Monica Digney of Sinn Féin saying they should stay up, that they commemorate their deaths. It’s the same old double speak from Sinn Féin, talking about equality, but these people were not fighting for equality. They were fighting for special status when all along they were murderers, bombers and criminals. It’s insensitive to the victims.”
Ballymena Sinn Féin councillor Monica Digney defended the posters.
“These 12 young men gave their lives so that the rest of their comrades could serve their prison terms with dignity. This lets their families and everyone else know they will never be forgotten. Unionists want these posters taken down but paramilitary flags and Union jacks deface the streets and roads.”

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