05 March 2006

Dorrians in plea to murderers' loved ones

Belfast Telegraph

Stephen Breen
05 March 2006

Lisa Dorrian's family last night made an appeal for the partners, sisters and mothers of her killers to come forward.

A week after the first anniversary of Lisa's disappearance, her sister Joanne pleaded for those close to the three prime suspects in the 25-year-old's murder to search their consciences.

Joanne said: "We are specifically appealing to the women in the lives of the three people we believe were responsible for murdering my sister.

"I am begging these women to help end our nightmare. We have a right to have Lisa's body back and a right to justice."

Added Joanne: "The girlfriends of these people owe them absolutely no loyalty at all, and I know they could actually do better than the evil people they are with.

"We know things about these suspects, and, if their girlfriends knew, then I would hope that they would come forward and help us.

"I would ask them to think of how they would feel if their sister had been murdered and had been dumped at sea."

The family is set to undertake a leaflet drop of homes throughout the Ards peninsula.

The leaflets will ask the fishing communities if they can recall seeing the boat that police believe was used to dump Lisa's body.

Said Joanne: "We are focusing on the boat because it may trigger something in their minds."

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