29 March 2006

Committee slams treatment of Ludlow family


29 March 2006 20:13

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAn Oireachtas Committee considering the Barron Report on the murder of Seamus Ludlow in 1976 has been highly critical of garda treatment of the Ludlow family and the subsequent investigation into his death.

The committee has called for the setting up of a Commission of Investigation to consider whether the evidence collected at the murder scene was available in 1979 and if not why not.

The committee has also called on the Garda Commissioner to appoint a garda team to re-examine the murder investigation.

It has also recommended an investigation into whether there is any possibility of bringing any or all of the four suspects whose names were given to the gardaí in 1979 to justice.

Ludlow family says it is disappointed that an Oireachtas Committee has not recommended a public inquiry into his death.

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