27 March 2006

Army agent in mole query for SF

Belfast Telegraph

Army agent says SF must face mole issue

By Michael McHugh
27 March 2006

A British Army whistleblower who worked for an organisation allegedly connected to the murder of Pat Finucane has challenged Sinn Fein to come clean on IRA informers.

Writing in an online discussion site, the agent handler known as Martin Ingram warned the subject of collusion is potentially explosive for the leaders of mainstream republicans.

Mr Ingram was a former agent handler at the Force Research Unit, a branch of the Army charged with dealing with agents and intelligence and linked with the February 1989 Finucane murder.

In an article in the Blanket, a site edited by left wing republican Anthony McIntyre, Mr Ingram said the unmasking of high profile republican Denis Donaldson as an informer came as a shock to supporters of Sinn Fein.

"The issue of informers within the movement is a real one and the grassroots want answers to the many questions being posed by supporters," he said.

"This subject, if left unchecked, is explosive, and when the truth finally emerges it will be thanks largely to those like myself who want to see victims given closure and have a desire to see a United Ireland.

"If Sinn Fein does not deal with the issues of infiltration and collusion among IRA/SF ranks, it has the potential to reward the British and its agents who murdered almost at will."

Mr Ingram rose to prominence after claiming somebody from FRU fed information to loyalist killers in 1987 to divert them from targeting a high-level mole known as Stakeknife.

Francisco Notorantonio, an old republican who had not been involved in the IRA since the 1940s, was killed by gunmen using the information.

"It would be easy to argue that the (republican) movement are not interested in this subject but we all know this is not true," Mr Ingram added.

"Can you imagine the British Labour party not wanting to discuss at a party conference the impact of, say, Alistair Campbell being exposed as a Soviet spy for over twenty years? Of course they would!

"So why would Sinn Fein not want to debate and learn from its past mistakes; after all, this is what normal political parties do."

Mr Ingram also exposed west Belfast republican Freddie Scappaticci as Stakeknife. Scappaticci had allegedly been the head of internal security for the IRA.

He quit his west Belfast home following newspaper allegations in May 2003, and has since denied the claims.

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