16 February 2006

Webstats4u malicious?

On all three of the SAOIRSE32 sites, I have had a site tracker from Webstats4u, formerly Nedstat Basic. Today I noticed these huge malicious pop-up pages whenever I clicked on two of the sites. I am not 100% positive, but I believe they were coming from the Webstats4u site tracker--the tiny blue box icon--so I have removed it from the Blogspot and the Blogsome sites. It does not appear to be causing a problem on the Livejournal site yet. If you are still seeing the blue site tracker icon or experiencing the pop-up 'iLead' page, clear your cache and reload. Hopefully this will solve the problem--or you can view the site at Livejournal for awhile. If I notice a problem there, I will remove that site tracker also. Sorry for the hassle.

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