05 February 2006

UVF victim's father hits out at top cop Orde

Sunday Life

Stephen Breen and Alan Murray
05 February 2006

Chief Constable Hugh Orde has been slammed by the father of a UVF murder-victim who has been invited to meet Bertie Ahern in Dublin.

Raymond McCord claims he is being treated with "contempt" by Sir Hugh - while the Taoiseach welcomes him in the Dail.

McCord wants the Chief Constable to tell him if he has sacked informers within the UVF who were involved in his son, Raymond jnr's, killing.

And he wants to know how many officers who handled UVF informers who murdered are still serving.

Said McCord: "I want to know how many of the UVF informers in north Belfast who were involved in killings - including young Raymond's murder - are still on the PSNI payroll.

"I want to know how many RUC officers who handled them and knew what they did are under Hugh Orde's command, but he refuses to meet me," said McCord

"It is discrimination against Protestant families who lost their loved-ones at the hands of loyalists."

McCord has also handed the names of the killers responsible for the brutal sectarian slaying of a young woman to her grieving family.

He passed the dossier on the murder of Sharon McKenna to her relatives when he met them with their solicitor last week.

Catholic Sharon (27), was gunned down by the notorious Mount Vernon UVF gang in 1993 at the Belfast home of a pensioner as she cooked him dinner.

Added McCord: "I provided information to the family which they weren't aware of and I hope it helps them in their pursuit of justice.

"This is the first time that I have met with Sharon McKenna's family and it was an extremely worthwhile exercise.

"I have received a lot of information over the years about the activities of the Mount Vernon UVF and if I can assist any other family, I will."

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