23 February 2006

Sinn Fein displays 'camera list'


Sinn Fein has claimed that a weather-beaten document in their possession is evidence of ongoing British army spying south Armagh.

The document was said to have been found by a farmer in two weeks ago.

The party claimed the paper was a guide to cameras based at Faughil mountain near the Carrickdale Hotel.

Sinn Fein's Conor Murphy said the community was "outraged, particularly the Dromintee GAA club, as the document showed it was being monitored".

'Not used'

Mr Murphy said the document was titled "R21M Pathfinder Camera Reference Guide" and "may have been left by a foot patrol".

He said that although the document said some cameras were not being used, it gave the names of a number of local people.

Mr Murphy said Sinn Fein would be challenging Prime Minister Tony Blair about "ongoing military activity" at a meeting next week.

He welcomed the "beginning of movement" on the removal of "spy posts" but said people still "had frustrations".

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