28 February 2006

Sinn Fein Be Warned — The Truth Will Out

The Blanket

Martin Ingram • 20 February 2006

Danny Morrison - well known Republican and convicted criminal wrote an article for the Daily Ireland newspaper on 15/02/2006 (Establishment Be Warned — The Truth Will Out), in which I believe he knowingly penned inaccurately. Let us examine his article.

You might think that it would be to the advantage of Tony Blair and incumbent Prime Minister Gordon Brown to expose the involvement of their main opponents — the Conservatives — in murder. They certainly have the information and power to do it — but not the will or inclination. For there are some things bigger than party politics and that thing is the untouchable body politic and its keeper, the British establishment, guided not by integrity but by the cardinal rule — “our country, right or wrong”.

Clearly Danny is being a touch tongue in cheek here, having a little dig at Gerry’s mates Tony and Gordon. That said, I believe Danny is failing to embrace a subject which is very much closer to home and which many [of this papers] readers want to understand and get the Sinn Fein leadership to go on the record about. Danny should be asking why Gerry and Martin are not willing to engage in a public debate at the Ard Fheis about why and HOW the movement is riddled with informers and the subject of Republican collusion.

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