14 February 2006

SF and SDLP slam lack of charges over RUC collusion


14/02/2006 - 11:51:46

Sinn Féin and the SDLP have both criticised the delay in bringing charges against 20 RUC officers accused of complicity in murders carried out by loyalist paramilitaries.

Three years ago an inquiry overseen by Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Stevens recommended that prosecutions be taken against 20 officers suspected of colluding in loyalist murders.

The alleged collusion was uncovered while Mr Stevens was investigating claims that the RUC and British army had helped the UDA to murder Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane in 1989.

However, no charges have been forthcoming in the case and SDLP spokesman Alban Maginness is now vowing to raise the matter with the British Attorney General.

Mr Maginness said he was frustrated and disappointed by the inexcusable delay, while Sinn Féin's Alec Maskey said he was concerned that some of the officers involved may still be serving with the PSNI today.

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