15 February 2006

Sectarian song row hits Rangers

Daily Ireland

An anti-sectarian charity has called for an investigation after Glasgow Rangers’ star player Dado Prso was apparently captured on camera singing a sectarian song. The Croatian was allegedly filmed on the team bus belting out some of the words to sectarian anthem The Billy Boys as it played out on the coach’s sound system

By Connla Young

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAn anti-sectarian charity has called on Rangers Football Club to launch an investigation after one of its star players was captured on camera apparently singing a sectarian song.
The revelation will come as a setback to the Glasgow soccer club, who have been engaged in a campaign to stamp out sectarianism over the last number of years.
The sectarian singalong is believed to have taken place on the club’s official team bus after Rangers’ dramatic victory over the Edinburgh club Hibernian to claim the Scottish Premier League title last May.
The film shows the Croatian striker Dado Prso apparently singing the Billy Boys, a sectarian anthem chanted by some Rangers supporters and loyalists. The song can be heard playing on the team bus’ stereo system.
Nil by Mouth, an anti-sectarian charity that aims to challenge religious bigotry in Scotland, last night called on Rangers to launch a probe into the incident.
“This tape has been brought to our attention,” said a spokesperson.
“We have contacted Rangers and asked that they carry out an investigation into this matter.”
The footage is believed to have been captured by a television crew who travelled on the team bus after Rangers clinched the league title on the last day of the Scottish soccer season last year.
The video clip was recently placed on a loyalist website that pays tribute to loyalist paramilitary groups, including the Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster Volunteer Force.
The clip also shows several Rangers players swigging from bottles as they celebrate their unexpected league victory.
The Billy Boy revelations come in the same week as loyalist victims representative William Frazer confirmed that he would meet representatives of Celtic after two of that club’s players were filmed singing The Fields of Athenry at a supporters club event in Co Donegal before Christmas. It was later proven that neither John Hartson nor Stephen Pearson had taken part in pro-republican chants. In 1999, Rangers vice-chairman Donald Findlay was forced to resign after he was filmed singing a loyalist song. A spokesman for Rangers Football Club last night refused to comment.

To view the video >>click here. Please note that clicking this link will bring you to an external internet site which pays tribute to loyalist paramilitary groups. Daily Ireland is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

How can The Fields of Athenry, with lyrics about a man shiped to Botany Bay in the 19th century, and his wife lamenting her loss, be compared with Billy Boys?

"Hullo, Hullo
We are the Billy Boys
Hullo, Hullo
You'll know us by our noise
We're up to our knees in Fenian blood
Surrender or you'll die"

This equalization drives me up the wall!
One group is being shat on and oppressed by another, and somehow the opressor's triumphalism and threats are deemed equal to the oppressed's resistance!

Well said Tommy. Thank you!
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