20 February 2006

Republican Sinn Féin IRIS no.55

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In this issue:

1. Hunger Strikers honoured in Ballina
2. 'Display of solidarity with nationalist people of the Six Counties'
3. Evidence that loyalist killer was RUC informer
4. Decision not to interview murder suspects 'political'
5. MI5 to replace RUC/PSNI Special Branch
6. Protesters prepared to take 'direct action' over gas pipeline
7. British MPs ban 'glorifying terrorism'
8. 150 jobs go as two factories shut
9. SIPTU gives guarded welcome to Services Directive
10. Family anger with death in custody decision
11. Protesters block re-opening of pub near Stardust site
12. Number of legally-held weapons in the Six Counties
13. M3 road through Tara challenged in court
14. Candle-lit Procession at McDowell's constituency office

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