07 February 2006

Republican Sinn Féin IRIS no.53

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In this issue:
1. Continuity IRA's attack barracks in Tyrone
2. RPAG rejects miniscule proposals for Maghaberry prisoners
3. Statement from Republican prisoners, E3, Portlaoise
4. RSF to hold demonstration against loyalist march
5. Ó Brádaigh book launch announced
6. Loyalists blamed for blast bomb on family
7. School targeted in Belfast
8. Sport urged to support Dorrian family
9. Rossport 5 withdraw from State 'talks process'
10. Five-year GMO potato experiment near Tara
11. Focus Ireland publishes plan to 'make home a reality'
12. Prisoners to get postal vote
13. Auction of 1916-1922 historical documents, letters etc
14. First woman president of Chile
15. Amnesty report on Guantanamo Bay

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