27 February 2006

Republican SF refuses to condemn O’Connell St riots


27/02/2006 - 09:52:20

Republican Sinn Féin is refusing to condemn the riots that accompanied Saturday's abandoned loyalist march in Dublin city centre.

The party, which organised a protest against the parade, said none of its members were involved in the violence on O'Connell Street and elsewhere.

At least 14 people were arrested when gangs of youths attacked gardaí and built makeshift barricades across the street in an effort to prevent the march from going ahead.

Des Dalton, the vice president of Republican Sinn Féin, today refused to condemn the rioting, which is being blamed on dissident republicans.

He said the ultimate responsibility for the trouble lay with the authorities for thinking a loyalist march could go ahead in Dublin without attracting widespread opposition.

"It showed a complete lack of any basic political understanding of what opinion is on the ground among ordinary people," he said

"It shows the gulf that is there between the political establishment in the 26 counties and the views of ordinary people."

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