24 February 2006

Rafferty sisters to meet Bush on St Patrick’s Day


24/02/2006 - 07:42:36

The family of murdered Dublin man Joseph Rafferty will reportedly be invited to meet US President George W Bush at the White House on St Patrick's Day.

Mr Rafferty, a 29-year-old father-of-one, was shot dead last April in the Ongar housing estate in west Dublin as part of a family feud.

His sisters claim he was killed by a former member of the IRA and want Sinn Féin to pressure the man into giving himself up.

They have already mounted a campaign for justice inspired by the sisters of murdered Belfast man Robert McCartney.

The McCartneys, who met Mr Bush at the White House on St Patrick's Day last year, also claim an IRA man was behind their brothers' killing and have accused the republican movement of doing nothing to help bring those responsible to justice.

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