24 February 2006

Protesters call for outlawing of puppy farms


23/02/2006 - 18:53:40

Up to 50 animal-rights activists tonight picketed the Dáil to call for dog-breeding regulations to outlaw puppy farms.

The protest was organised by Dog Training Ireland and supported by the ISPCA, the Irish Kennel Club, The Dogs Trust and the National Stray Dogs and Cats Forum.

A petition containing over 2,500 signatures was delivered to Minister for the Environment Dick Roche.

The protestors want the Control of Dogs Act 1986 to be amended to regulate dog breeding.

“There are currently no protections for dogs which are used for mass breeding,” a spokesperson for Dog Training Ireland said.

“These dogs are being used for profits in the cruellest way.”

Former minister for the environment Martin Cullen set up a working group on the issue in 2003.

However, the group failed to agree on the best form of regulation and Mr Roche ordered an additional period of public consultation.

Mr Roche’s spokesman added: “The minister is considering new proposals and will make a decision as soon as possible. He agrees that regulation is needed in the sector.”

The Dog Training Ireland spokesperson added: “Many dogs and puppies continue to suffer and die in appalling conditions on Irish puppy farms.”

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