16 February 2006

Post strike spying claims


The postal strike took another bitter twist yesterday as workers accused Royal Mail of taking photographs and collating files on striking staff.

Two postmen, who wish to remain anonymous, contacted the Andersonstown News this week to voice concerns for their safety in the light of claims that files were being created containing personal details, including photographs, of the strikers.

“We were informed by an impeccable source in the Tomb Street building that dossiers were being created on those considered to be militant," said one postman.

“We were told this by someone we trust 100 per cent but we know that Royal Mail will, and must, deny this because it is illegal.

“This is just another form of the bullying that lies at the crux of the problem. The climate of fear that the management has created is shocking, people are wary and frightened about talking to the media, but we need to get our side of the story out."

The second postman said an agreement must be made in order to avoid further industrial action in the future.

“We are by no means a radical workforce, we are quite the opposite actually. Our work is a race against the clock, everyone gets the job done as quick as they can, it's for everyone's benefit but the situation is being made difficult due to the attitude of some members of the management.

“These issues must be resolved before we go back, the management want to break the union so they can steamroll through their procedures unhindered. We cannot and will not let that happen."

Royal Mail dismissed the men’s allegations saying the claims were “patently not the case.”

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