24 February 2006

Murdered woman 'hidden for months'


**Via Newshound

By Tom Peterkin, Ireland Correspondent
(Filed: 23/02/2006)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Police believe that the body of a 25-year-old woman murdered a year ago may have been hidden for several months before being dumped at sea.

Lisa Dorrian, a shop assistant, has not been seen since she left a party at a seaside caravan park a few miles from her home in Bangor, Co Down.

Her body has never been found, despite a campaign for information led by her family.

Some suspect that loyalist paramilitaries were involved in her murder. Last week graffiti identifying a suspect was daubed on walls.

It named one of the last men to see her alive and said: "Tell the police where Lisa's body is and live."

The Dorrian family have erected billboards appealing for help, set up a confidential website and offered a £10,000 reward last year for information.

At a press conference held a few days before the first anniversary of her death on Feb 28 last year, the Police Service of Northern Ireland announced that a new theory was being investigated. It is thought that Lisa's body was hidden for four months before being moved between June 27 and Aug 4.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Police believe that her body was then taken out to sea in a 17ft long orange-red boat and dumped.

Det Supt George Hamilton said: "We now believe that Lisa's body was moved from an original location.

"We believe this original location was on land, possibly in a building, an outhouse or a derelict shed."

The police service is anxious to find the body's original hiding place to conduct a forensic search.

Det Supt Hamilton urged those close to the people responsible to "search their own consciences and not allow misguided or misplaced loyalty to hinder the investigation or to prevent this family getting the least that they deserve, and that is the recovery of Lisa's body for burial".

Det Supt Hamilton was joined by members of Lisa's family including her younger sister Joanna (photo: above right), who made a plea for information.

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