07 February 2006

More fires near city murder site


Fire crews have been attacked attending a blaze near where a man was murdered in Ballymurphy, west Belfast.

Father of six Gerard Devlin was fatally stabbed in Whitecliffe Parade on Friday. Two men have been arrested.

Houses in the area linked to another family, the Notarantonios, were attacked over the weekend, and more fires were reported on Monday.

The family of Mr Devlin earlier appealed for an end to all attacks and trouble in the area.

The same house that was attacked on Sunday, belonging to one of Mr Devlin's neighbours, was attacked twice on Monday. Fires were reported at 1430 GMT and 1930 GMT at the property in Whitecliffe parade.

Bernadette O'Rawe said the family want the trouble to stop

A nearby house was also set on fire at the later incident.

As fire crews attended this fire they were attacked with stones and other missiles.

Police have said they are investigating a link between the fires and the murder.

Mr Devlin's aunt, Bernadette O'Rawe, earlier said the family want the violence to end.

"We condemn what is going on here with these houses burning and shops burning, we are not responsible," she said.

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