26 February 2006

Mad Dog fight!

Sunday Life

Stephen Breen and Ciaran McGuigan
26 February 2006

Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair has been moved to tears . . . by his lack of "puppy love".

But the man who saved the terror chief's Alsatians when they were abandoned at the height of the UDA feud has now warned the ousted UFF leader: "Try to take your dogs back and I'll KILL you!"

Adair's dogs, Rebel and Shane, were left behind when his family and cronies fled Belfast three years ago. Pictures of the pooches outside Adair's Shankill home prompted dozens of calls from dog lovers to the USPCA.

They were eventually claimed by gay supergrass Dessie Truesdale, who says he paid Gina Adair £1,000 for the two pedigree dogs.

Truesdale has since gone into hiding after giving police statements about Adair and the rest of his gang.

But he continues to be involved in a bitter war of words with Adair and his cronies - and now Rebel and Shane have become pawns in the tit-for-tat row.

Adair last night told Sunday Life he was desperate to reclaim his dogs.

"I love these dogs and I haven't seen them for a few years now. They are my best friends in the world", he said.

"Not having the dogs by my side is affecting my health and all I've been doing recently is worrying about them. I think about them all the time.

"That b****** Truesdale has been taunting me about my dogs by phoning me up and telling me he's beating them.

"I was almost crying one time when he phoned and I could hear the dogs screaming. He should not be anywhere near these dogs."

He added: "He claims he paid money for the dogs, but he didn't hand over a penny. He took them when I was put back in prison and my family were exiled.

"I have drawn up a plan to get them back and this is very much active. I hope to have them back where they belong very soon."

Truesdale, who denied cruelty towards the dogs, warned Adair that if he tried to track down his dogs he would kill him.

He said: "He hears the dogs barking on the phone and it makes him sentimental, well that's too bad."

"They're my dogs now. I would not even take the money back for them.

"As far as I am concerned, when I put that money into the bank account for them, the dogs were sold.

"If Adair came down here to get these dogs, I would kill him.

"He says he has a plan, but it is probably to have me killed so that him and (brother) Ian, as my next-of-kin, get into my flat and go through my stuff and take my dogs."

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