27 February 2006

Loyalist to discuss his son's death with Sinn Fein leader

Belfast Telegraph

By David Gordon
27 February 2006

A Belfast Protestant campaigning to expose security force collusion with his son's UVF killers will today hold face-to-face talks with Gerry Adams.

Raymond McCord's meeting with the Sinn Fein chief will be the latest in a series of discussions with senior political figures.

Mr McCord last night said he is expecting criticism from some quarters.

"I am a genuine loyalist as opposed to a gangster or a drug dealer," he said.

"I have no problems with what I am doing. Lots of people sat in the Assembly with Sinn Fein and got paid to do it. I'm doing this for justice.

"I will be challenging Sinn Fein about issues involving Protestant victims. The UVF have killed around 30 Protestants since their so-called ceasefire. I have never heard a word from Sinn Fein about this."

Mr McCord's son, Raymond Jnr, was beaten to death by a UVF gang in November, 1997. His body was dumped on the outskirts of north Belfast. His father believes that the killing was ordered by a UVF terrorist who worked for the police as an informer.

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