26 February 2006

'Johnny Cash'

Sunday Life

Stephen Breen
26 February 2006

Caged lottery lout Michael Carroll has presented ousted terror boss Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair with a £100,000 gift.

Sunday Life can reveal Carroll, who sports UDA bling jewellery, handed over the cash to his hero shortly before he was sent to prison.

Carroll received a nine-month jail term last month after pleading guilty to causing affray at a Christian rock concert in Downham Market, Norfolk, in May 2004.

It is believed Carroll - who has blown almost all of the £9.7m he won on the National Lottery - decided to give Adair the cash after meeting him and his cronies.

Adair, who was last week giving after-dinner speeches to football hooligans in Huddersfield, refused to say what he would be spending the cash on.

It is understood he could use the cash to fund a possible return to Northern Ireland and to attend functions with neo-Nazi groups in Europe.

The Shankill loyalist, who last night attended the Amir Khan fight, also described thug Carroll as a "good man".

Said Adair: "It's his decision what to do with the money and I'm not going to go into too much detail about Michael Carroll giving me £100,000.

"I still have a lot of supporters out there. I am now trying to make a living from speaking to different people about my role in the conflict.

"If people want to give me money, it's up to them. My war is now over and I don't have to discuss with anyone what my personal business is.

"People say Michael Carroll is not the brightest, but he is well-versed in the role of loyalism in Northern Ireland."

Carroll has been signed-up to write his life story by the publisher who was behind glamour model Jordan's best-selling book.

His life has been dogged with controversy since winning the Lottery in November 2002 - aged 19.

Carroll has been a regular in his local magistrates court for disorderly behaviour and drugs offences.

He is also infamous for building a banger-racing track in his backyard, to the fury of his posh neighbours.

Like Adair, Carroll has also hired a manager and vowed to turn his life around by putting his efforts into charity work.

His decision to gave Adair a huge amount of cash is sure to anger victims of loyalist violence.

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