26 February 2006

Inmate is moved after row

Inmate is moved after row

Daily Ireland

**Via Newshound

by Ciarán Barnes

A criminal who assaulted former Real IRA leader, Liam Campbell, in Portlaoise Prison on Tuesday has been removed from a republican landing for his own safety.
The Limerick man is serving three years for possession of a firearm. He was being held last night in the jail basement alongside members of the gang involved in the murder of the journalist Veronica Guerin.
Mr Campbell, who is being sued by the relatives of those killed in the 1998 Omagh bombing, spent two nights in hospital following the assault.
On Wednesday, his attacker was thrown off the E2 republican landing, which is controlled by Real IRA leader Mickey McKevitt.
A prison source said the inmate had been removed for his own safety because tension was high. A Real IRA source said: “The man is now in what prisoners call the Portlaoise bunker. The man who assaulted Campbell has had a death threat issued against him. He is also being targeted by a friend of Campbell’s from Dublin who is serving a life sentence for murder. Campbell and the Dublin man are close friends. He [Campbell] even let him use a republican visiting box before Christmas. This annoyed Real IRA prisoners in the jail, who have fallen out with Campbell.”
Last month, the attacker was subjected to prison disciplinary procedures after being caught with 200 ecstasy tablets and steroids.

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