12 February 2006

Imagery and Internet Analysis of the NSA and IXPs


**We all know about Geourge Bush and his NSA and how he is spying on Americans, but how does this affect us and our use of the internet? You might want to read this article. Lots of supplemental links onsite

**Via cryptome

Project Quote: "You can tell a good spy by his ominous logo." -Calvin & Hobbes

A special thanks to the GOP for providing the motivation to finish this project! >:P

During the time I was working on Project 4, the FBI and Infragard project, I kept coming across references about their Carnivore program. For those of you who are not familiar with it, that program was the FBI's attempt to capture someone's Internet traffic coming and going from a particular ISP. There are more details about it below, but it caused such an outcry in the US that the FBI changed the name to something more innocuous, like DCS1000. By the time I was coming to the end of the FBI project, the media revealed via a leaked source that the NSA had been spying on Americans within the US and bypassing all Constitutional requirements of search warrants, even bypassing the secret courts that were set up for national security reasons. So, nearly 230 years of the Republic is coming to an end because one beady-eyed prick in the White House rationalized away our Constitutional rights in the name of national security. So, I thought it only proper to take a quick look at the Agency which raped the Fourth Amendment- the NSA.

The NSA is the United States' premier spy agency when it comes to eavesdropping on communications. I won't dwell on their Echelon program and their eavesdropping capabilities because that has been done to death. Just look it up on Google. But, there was one particular area I was curious about. What is the NSA's approach to monitoring the Internet? I can't imagine they would've just left the most extensive communications system in modern times alone.

This project is about an assumption I'm making. And although it is a pretty big assumption, I have no doubt that someone is perusing the Internet traffic from Europe and the Middle East and it makes sense that it be the NSA. Think about it- a huge chunk of the Internet traffic is going through North America and what better opportunities for the NSA to catch that traffic than now! Don't think you're going through America to get to another country's websites? For those of you in Europe, you should try doing a traceroute to a website in Japan and look at the IPs and machine names you go through to get there. Because the Internet was created by the US, they wield a huge control over where much of that traffic is directed, and which is I might add, why the US will probably never relinquish control of the Internet over to an international body.

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