23 February 2006

Greysteel Victims' Families Deserve The Truth - Says Councillor

Derry Journal

Tuesday 21st February 2006

A Greysteel Sinn Féin councillor has said new claims in relation to loyalist killer, Torrens Knight have come as a "terrible blow" to the families of his victims. Councillor John McElhinney was reacting to allegations that Knight was a paid RUC Special Branch informer when he participated in two mass killings, at Castlerock, where five workmen died and at Greysteel, where seven people were gunned down in the Rising Sun bar.

It was also alleged recently that following his release from prison under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, Knight, from Macosquin, had been put back on the police payroll. Colr. McElhinney said: "I am disgusted to learn of allegations that Torrens Knight had been paid to murder nationalists, however, I am not surprised as everyone knows of the collusion that has been going on for years between the so-called security forces and unionist paramilitaries. "My heart goes out to my neighbours in Greysteel and to the relatives of people murdered and injured in other attacks carried out by this gang." Colr. McElhinney said that the families and those affected by the killings had been trying to come to terms with the atrocities for many years, and added: "To be told that one of the killers was paid by government forces is a hurtful and terrible blow." He went on: "What bothers me most is the question, how many murders was this man involved in that we don't know about?" Calling for a full investigation into the matter, Colr. McElhinney added: "Questions must be asked about the role of the PSNI Special Branch in this whole stinking business. "The families of the victims of collusion deserve to know the full facts of how their loved ones were murdered."

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