19 February 2006

Graffiti threat man denies Lisa's murder

Sunday Life

Exclusive by Stephen Breen and Alan Murray
19 February 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTHIS is Belfast man Mark Smyth, who last night told Sunday Life: "I didn't murder Lisa Dorrian."

Smyth - one of the last people to see tragic Lisa alive - spoke exclusively to this newspaper after graffiti daubed on gable walls in Belfast and north Down named him as the tragic 25-year-old's killer.

Smyth (23), - who is under threat of death from loyalist paramilitaries - claims he has been falsely accused of Lisa's murder in a bid to deflect attention away from the real killers.

Window-cleaner Smyth - quizzed about Lisa's disappearance, but released without charge - told how he:

• Is willing to meet Lisa's family.

• Will take a lie-detector test.

• Has been forced to move house.

• Wants to meet with loyalist godfathers.

• Would tell cops where Lisa's body was if he knew.

Said Smyth: "I didn't do it - I didn't kill her.

"I gave her a lift on the Saturday night before she went missing and then I went home to my bed.

"My family's life has been turned upside down over the last year because of these totally unfounded rumours.

"I am under death threat from loyalist paramilitaries.

"But I'm not going to leave Northern Ireland, because I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

"I have decided to speak out now because the graffiti in the last week was the final straw for me.

"I am prepared to do anything to clear my name over Lisa's murder."

Added Smyth: "I think the real killers have put my name up on walls saying I did it because they don't want to go to jail. I think two of the suspects have left Northern Ireland, but I have stayed because I have nothing to hide.

"The police questioned me and took my clothes and car and they were forensically clean," he said.

"I'm innocent and worried about my family."

Father-of-one Smyth is also hoping that the Dorrian family agree to meet him.

He added: "I want to tell them that two of the suspects in Lisa's case have links to loyalist paramilitaries - but I don't.

"I just want to meet them face-to-face to tell them I had nothing to do with Lisa's murder," said Smyth.

"If I knew where she was, or who may have done this to her, I would come forward.

"I will tell them everything I know from meeting Lisa on that Saturday night.

"Two of the suspects were off their heads on drugs that weekend and they could have done anything.

"The rumours about me started a month or two after the murder and then it got serious and I had to move because people said the UVF/Red Hand Commando and the UDA were after me.

"I am willing to meet with the Loyalist Commission to prove my innocence. I am desperate to clear my name because I am being set up for something I didn't do.

"I didn't do it, I didn't kill her," he said.

"I gave her a lift on Saturday and went home to my bed. If I have to take a lie detector test to prove this, I will."

Lisa's sister, Joanne (24), last night refused to comment on Smyth's claims.

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