07 February 2006

Finucanes to voice inquiry doubts

Mr Finucane, 39, was shot dead in front of his family

The family of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane is to meet NI Secretary Peter Hain to discuss proposals for an inquiry into his murder.

Mr Finucane, 39, was killed by loyalist paramilitaries at his home in 1989.

His family have said they do not think an inquiry held under the Inquiries Act would be able to get the truth.

Mr Finucane's killing was one of the most controversial in 30 years of the Troubles due to allegations of security force collusion.

Retired Canadian judge Peter Cory recommended separate inquiries into Mr Finucane's murder, and three other controversial killings.

These were the killings of solicitor Rosemary Nelson, leading loyalist Billy Wright and Catholic father of two Robert Hamill.

The Finucane family, human rights campaigners and nationalist politicians, as well as Judge Cory, have expressed alarm at moves by the government to ensure the tribunal into Mr Finucane's murder is held under the Inquiries Act, which was passed earlier this year.

They have claimed the Act will suppress the truth about what happened, with Amnesty International saying crucial evidence could be omitted from any final report at the government's discretion.

The human rights group has urged judges not to sit on the inquiry into Mr Finucane's death.

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