22 February 2006

Bus services returning to normal


Bus services in an area of Belfast where a driver was attacked are returning to normal.

However, Translink warned it was considering withdrawing buses in Poleglass following Tuesday's attack.

The bus driver was treated for cuts and bruising after his vehicle was attacked along Pantridge Road at about 1750 GMT.

A brick was thrown through the windscreen of the vehicle. Passengers were onboard at the time, but the driver managed to regain control.

Billy Gilpin from Translink said it withdrew services to the area after the attack.

"The driver obviously depends on his eyesight to do his job, if he is deprived of his eyesight he is deprived of his job," he said.

"There would have been a very real risk to himself, the people on the bus and pedestrians if he had lost control.

"It was an absolutely deplorable act, we would ask those with any influence in the community to take steps to stop this."

The police have appealed for witnesses to the attack to come forward.

Union representative John Coffey said he hoped those responsible were caught.

He said he understood there was CCTV footage of the incident.

Sinn Fein assembly member Michael Ferguson said it was an "absolutely outrageous" incident.

"There is no excuse for such attacks and the community should unite in challenging those responsible," he said.

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