19 February 2006

Bloodbath fears over Border Fox

Sunday Life

By Ciaran McGuigan, Chief Reporter
19 February 2006

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usA BITTER grudge against former INLA chief Dessie O'Hare could spark a bloodbath if the Border Fox is released from jail.

There has been speculation that O'Hare (pictured - click to view - photo from irsm.org), sentenced to 40 years for a string of terror offences, may soon be considered for release.

And republican sources claim his possible release is stirring tensions in O'Hare's former south Armagh stronghold.

Associates of INLA murder victim Patrick Cunningham - a former pal of O'Hare who was murdered after having a fling with the wife of another gang member - are said to be out for revenge.

Cunningham's body was discovered under a cowshed in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan in December, 1987, more than six months after he had gone missing following a funeral.

Said one republican source: "There are those around Keady who have long memories and blame O'Hare for what happened to Paddy Cunningham. They would be ruthless and may try to take their revenge if O'Hare returns. And that in turn could lead to a bloodbath.

"The INLA would almost certainly react if O'Hare was targeted. We've seen down the years how ruthless the INLA has been in these situations," said the source.

O'Hare was sentenced to 40 years in 1988 on a string of charges, including kidnapping and mutilating Dublin dentist John O'Grady.

He is currently being held in Portlaoise Prison.

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