17 February 2006

Angry father blasts DUP for lack of support in his justice campaign


Ahead of a meeting with the Irish government a North Belfast man whose son was murdered by the UVF has blasted the DUP for failing to support him in his campaign for justice. But the DUP has rejected the North Belfast man’s claims.

Raymond’s son Raymond junior was murdered by the UVF in 1997. He was 22.
The murdered man’s father says he has been forced to seek help from nationalists and the Irish government because unionists have failed him.
“One party here in Northern Ireland has helped me and that is the SDLP. Now, what’s the next stage for the likes of myself from a Protestant background? The DUP have turned their back on us – they don’t call for the arrest of UVF people even after the amount of murders they have committed in their own community.”
The grieving father said the DUP still refused to meet him despite holding talks with nationalist victims.
“Ian Paisley met with the Finucanes, and I fully support the Finucanes and I hope they get justice because there was collusion there, make no mistake about it. But the Finucanes wouldn’t be DUP voters – Ian Paisley doesn’t have a problem with meeting that woman or her family and yet they refuse to meet me.
“The DUP named three people who were involved in the [Robert] McCartney murder and yet it’s not even that they refuse to name the people who murdered my son, but they refuse to call for the arrest of the murderers of my son.
“The UVF have murdered something like 30 Protestants from their ceasefire and Ian Paisley has yet to call for the arrest of a UVF leader.”
Raymond McCord says it is the failure of the unionist parties to address the issue of loyalist murders that has driven him and other families to seek help from the Irish government.
A spokesman for the DUP this morning rejected the claims.
“Raymond McCord has been in contact with a number of DUP MPs and they have facilitated meetings with him and facilitated meetings with the Chief Constable and others for him.
“The DUP wants to see justice for Raymond McCord and for all victims of terrorism and we are, as always, standing ready to assist victims in any way we can,” said a DUP spokesman.

Journalist:: Evan Short

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