12 February 2006

17th Anniversary of the Death of Patrick Finucane

Pat Finucane Centre

Beyond Collusion: The UK Security Forces and the Murder of Patrick Finucane

'This report examines allegations of state involvement in the murder of Patrick Finucane, a prominent Belfast human rights lawyer who was murdered on February 12, 1989. In this report, we piece together the evidence of state involvement that has emerged gradually in the 13 years since Finucane was murdered. We also present new allegations of security force involvement in the killing and subsequent cover-ups. With this report, we hope to force the UK government, by the weight of evidence, to finally carry out a public inquiry into Patrick Finucane's murder'.

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Mural of Pat Finucane

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Photo by CRAZYFENIAN (Click >>here for larger view)b

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