10 January 2006

Working 'Day And Night' To Wreck Peace

Derry Journal

Mcguinness Accuses British Intelligence

Tuesday 10th January 2006

BRITISH INTELLIGENCE agencies are working 'day and night' to wreck the North's peace process, Martin McGuinness told the 'Journal' last night. In a particularly hard-hitting outburst, Sinn Fein's chief negotiator accused elements within Britain's intelligence services of trying to prevent political progress in the six counties.

He said: "These are people with the same mentality as rejectionist unionism; people who are hostile to the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement. "They are opposed to the prospect of an all-Ireland agreement up-and-running with unionist, nationalist and republican politicians sitting down together to map out a better future for the 32 counties."

The Mid-Ulster MP added: "Clearly, these people will continue with their work. They are negative influences. "But, at the end of the day, the person who has to curtail these activities, to bring these people to heel is the British prime minister. The buck stops with him. "And, of course, when we speak to him, as we will, we will make it very, very clear that we are prepared to play our part, as we have done over many years, in trying to put these institutions back together.

"But he also has to play his part in making it clear to those elements within the British intelligence services hostile to the process that their activities have to end."

In his interview with the 'Journal', Mr. McGuinness also assessed prospects for political progress in 2006 and the political atmosphere for negotiations around the restoration of the all-Ireland institutions.

Expanding on his recent call for the Irish and British governments to bring forward a plan to restore political institutions in the North, the Derry republican said: "Given that prior to Christmas there were positive soundings coming from both the Irish and British governments around the issue of a big push to restore the institutions - followed now by further statements from Dermot Ahern and Peter Hain clearly indicating that both governments are going to pump up the volume on this issue - it is now incumbent on them to explain to the rest of us their plan for getting the DUP to play its part in contributing to the restoration of the Good Friday institutions.

Huge effort

"A huge effort was made by republicans last year. The IRA delivered big time on an end to their armed campaign and on the issue of arms. "As I predicted last year, a spotlight is now going to be turned on the leadership of the DUP and my hope obviously is that they will rise to the challenge; that they will recognise that we all have a responsibility to the people we represent and they have to recognise that, as Gerry Adams has said, a genuine effort is needed to end the stalemate. "We are determined that the IRA initiatives of last year are not squandered and that, collectively, we all play our part in restoring the institutions that the people of Ireland voted for."

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