03 January 2006

Two senior republicans deny papers’ British spy allegations

Daily Ireland

Two senior republicans who have been named in Sunday newspapers as British spies have rubbished the allegations.
The pair have both been going about their business as normal since being visited by the PSNI before Christmas. They say they have no intention of “dignifying the claims with a response”. One said: “It’s crap.”
In the run-up to Christmas, the homes of at least three republicans were visited by PSNI officers, who left messages advising the republicans that they were about to named as informers by their colleagues.
Coming in the wake of the controversy surrounding British agent Denis Donaldson, the visits created unease among the republican grass roots. The names of two of those visited were in the public domain but media outlets refrained from publishing them until yesterday, when they appeared in The Sunday Times.
Ireland on Sunday also named another high-ranking Sinn Féin member as “a spy”.
However, the paper offered no evidence to back up its claims.
A republican source described the Ireland on Sunday allegations as “complete nonsense”.

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