20 January 2006

'Sunday' Poster Doesn't Breach Anonymity Ruling

Derry Journal

Friday 20th January 2006

The Saville Inquiry says a decision to use the photographs of two soldiers in this year's commemoration poster does NOT breach an anonymity ruling. The poster - a popular collectors item --features a photograph of Britain's top army officer, General Sir Mike Jackson, who was a captain when he served with the Parachute Regiment in Derry on January 30, 1972.

However, the poster also includes images - taken in 1972 - of two unidentified soldiers who were in the city on Bloody Sunday. The Saville tribunal had ruled that no pictures could be published of those soldiers granted anonymity while giving evidence. However, a spokesperson for the Inquiry says that, as the pictures included on the poster have previously been in the public domain - and as they are not accompanied by the soldiers' names - there has been no infringement of the ruling. John Kelly, whose brother, Michael, was among those shot dead on Bloody Sunday, believes the poster "contains a very powerful message."

"In my opinion, it sums up the very essence of this year's commemorative programme which is entitled: 'towards justice'. "For far too long these people have remained hidden. It is time that the people of Derry saw them, as it were, in the flesh."

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