11 January 2006


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Posted on 11/1/2006 at 15:50:01 by IRPWA

Throughout the history of the struggle for Irish freedom both the British and Irish Free State goverments have attempted,through certain sections of the media,to vilify the Republican movement and portray those involved as criminals.This tactic has always been fiercely resisted,nowhere more so than in the prisons where, in 1981,ten men died on hunger strike to achieve their demand for political status.
This state sponsored campaign of slander continues today and is sadly supported by certain elements within prison who continue to issue false and misleading statements in an attempt to undermine the Republican movement and curry favour with the goverment in the hopes of being granted early release.It is in line with this situation that the Republican P.O.W.s on E3 landing take this unprecedented step in releasing the following statement.
Republican prisoners of war,regardless of when or where they have been incarcerated,have always conducted themselves with the dignity befitting their status and such is the case on the E3 landing in Portloise Prison.To be housed on E3 all prisoners must adhere to a strict set of rules regarding their conduct.Failure to comply with these rules warrants dissmissal from the landing,as was the case with a recent individual.Only the highest of standards are expected and received,from the prisoners,none of whom have any criminal records and who would not find themselves in prison were it not for the political situation on this island.There is not nor have there ever been,a case where any prisoners on E3 have sought to be segregated from others.All the P.O.W.s on E3 are united on these issues and are releasing this statement in order to counter recent malicious reports in the media which have tried and failed to sow divisions among those who continue the struggle for a united Ireland.

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