13 January 2006

Security base 'of limited value'


Local people claim Rosemount base serves no useful purpose

Londonderry's most senior police officer has given the strongest indication yet that the controversial Rosemount security base is to close.

Local people have mounted a long-term campaign to have the base removed because it "served no useful purpose".

They also claimed the cameras were an invasion of their privacy.

Chief Superintendent Richard Russell, Foyle District Commander, said the building was "not up to suitable standards".

Mr Russell said Rosemount base was of "very limited value" to him and he would be happy to see it close down.

"My view, when I look starkly at the economics of the situation, it costs me £250,000 a year," he said.

"We are getting very few callers at the police station. The building is not really up to suitable standards, so from my point of view that present building is not acceptable."

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