17 January 2006

PSNI in initiative over sex offenders


17 January 2006 11:46

Police monitoring of sex offenders in Northern Ireland is to be tightened up.

A new database will enable PSNI officers to link into a national computer network in Britain enabling them to share information in an improved way in order to increase child protection.

The Violent Offender and Sex Offender Register (ViSOR) is being launched today.

Anyone on the list can be managed by police and partner agencies wherever they are located in the UK.

In this first stage, only sex offenders will be placed on the database.

On RTÉ Radio's Morning Ireland, Paul Gilligan of the ISPCC said there were massive implications for Ireland, which was still light years behind in terms of its child protection systems.

He said the ISPCC would welcome an all-Ireland register.

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