18 January 2006

PSNI accused of abduction

Daily Ireland

Officers hold brother of man killed by armoured car

Connla Young


The father of a Belfast man knocked down and killed by the PSNI has accused the force of “abducting” another son last weekend as part of a campaign of intimidation against his family.
Belfast man Myles Irvine last night accused the PSNI of harassing his family because he continued to campaign for criminal charges to be brought against a PSNI officer who knocked down his son Seán Paul on north Belfast’s Antrim Road in 2000. The 18-year-old died later from his injuries.
The dead man’s father has now lodged a complaint with the Police Ombudsman against the PSNI.
He lodged the complaint after his son Kevin was allegedly bundled into the back of PSNI vehicle near his west Belfast home last Saturday night and ferried around city against his will for 40 minutes.
The 19-year-old claimed he’d been stopped as he walked towards his Andersonstown home at about 9pm.
After allegedly being manhandled to the ground, the young man said he was handcuffed and thrown into the back of a PSNI vehicle. Several people who arrived on the scene were sprayed in the face with CS gas after attempting to intervene.
The teenager was eventually released without charge close to his Andersonstown home 40 minutes later and “de-arrested”.
Myles Irvine said the PSNI was deliberately targeting his family.
“This was abduction as he was not brought to a police station and charged,” he said.
“After the incident, I stopped a police Land Rover and they told me Kevin was being taken to Grosvenor Road barracks. I contacted a solicitor and waited there but Kevin never arrived.
“It turned out that they had taken him across Belfast in the back of this police car to the Lisburn Road and they drove around there before bringing him home. My son didn’t want to be in that car.
“This is connected to the case surrounding Seán Paul’s death. I have sons who are afraid to leave the house because they are hassled every time they go out. They have been told ‘You don’t know you are dealing with’ by the PSNI.
“No one has ever been charged in relation to Seán Paul’s death. The inquest has been cancelled four times because of the police. Are they going to keep battering this family until we lose another son?”
No charges have ever been brought against the officer who was driving the car that knocked down Seán Paul Irvine. The officer has refused to attend an inquest into the young man’s death. The PSNI man has said he will only give evidence from behind a screen because his life is allegedly under threat from Myles Irvine.
Gerry Hyland, of Madden and Finucane solicitors, said he was disturbed by the incident.
“It is very strange that they would arrest him and then, for whatever reason, turn around and bring him back, release him and de-arrest him.”
A PSNI spokesperson said a 19-year-old man had been arrested after an incident during which stone-throwers attacked officers.
The spokesperson said any complaint should be directed to the Police Ombudsman’s office.

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