11 January 2006

PFC Statement


The Northern Secretary of State Peter Hain MP has just announced in the House of Commons that the controversial NI Offences Bill is to be withdrawn in its entirety. The PFC, Relatives for Justice, Justice for the Forgotten, CAJ, British Irish Rights Watch and the Human Rights Commission all expressed total opposition to this legislation. The legislation was fundamentally flawed. Two principles must be applied in any truth recovery mechanism-

1) the process must be internationalised (the British Government is party to the conflict and cannot define the mechanisms) and

2) the process must be victim centred and allow for information to be supplied to families.

We welcome the fact that this legislation has been withdrawn and call on the British Government to engage in a genuine consultation on the way forward bearing in mind international standards for truth recovery processes.


see www.patfinucanecentre.org for details

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