22 January 2006

Paws for thought: Lost pet alert

Sunday Life

Lynda Gilby, straight talking
22 January 2006

I have sobbed my way through the last four days. I can't sleep, can't eat. I'm not worth a tap.

My beautiful rescue cat, Jasper is missing. I've always been owned by a cat and I've had my share of heartaches like any pet-lover, but to me, this one is really special.

He was my shadow, rarely out for more than 15 minutes at a time before bouncing back in.

And when 12lbs of wet cat launches himself on your lap demanding affection, it's hard to say no!

I'd never had a used cat before (one careful owner) and from the moment I brought him home from the Assisi Shelter in Conlig three years ago, it was clear we were meant for each other.

He is the biggest, soppiest, most affectionate creature, brimming over with more personality than you could shake a stick at. His usual response to strangers is to collapse in a heap on his side proffering a blatant invitation to a belly-rub.

Regular Life readers will know of Jasper. When I'm stopped in the street, I'm as likely to be asked about him as I am about some issue I've raised in the paper.

So I'm quite shamelessly using this column to ask you to keep an eye out for him.

Last seen Wednesday teatime in the Cregagh Road area, Jasper is a big cat. He is white with a series of black patches either side of his backbone, black tail, black cap and a small black patch above one eye.

He was wearing a blue collar with a medallion. He is micro-chipped so can be taken to the nearest vet or animal shelter where they will scan him and re-unite us. Or please leave a message on 90 452852.

Those of you who have been in a similar situation will have experienced the agony of not knowing and of bursting into tears afresh every time it's cold and raining.

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