17 January 2006

Paul Dunne is back!!!

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No one was sadder than I when Paul Dunne of the Shamrockshire Eagle quit writing his Irish stuff on the net. And he's quite wrong when he says no one lamented its demise. I know I did. His writing was always about historical things I wasn't that familiar with so it was always a good opportunity to learn, and he did it with intelligence, wit, charm and persuasiveness. So I am happy to say that Paul has decided to begin reviewing books and writing once again about things I can probably eventually understand rather than Unix or Linux or bit torrents or whatever it actually is that he's an expert in! Already I have taken a look at the first entry, and I can tell I am going to have to get the Google out so I can act like I know what he's talking about. But this is good!

To read Paul Dunne's first review, go >>here.

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