04 January 2006

Orange marchers’ motives questioned

Irish Examiner


THE proposed march for Orange victims of violence, due to take place in Dublin this month, is a cause for concern on a number of counts.

Firstly, as the organiser Willie Frazer states, if the march is to highlight the victims of republican violence, why does he deem it necessary to invite the Orange Order with their sectarian symbols, six loyalist bands and ‘loyalist activists’ to accompany the victims’ group.

Secondly, the proposed route of the march, from Parnell Square to the Dáil, passes by Parnell Street, Talbot Street and South Leinster Street - the three locations where ‘loyalist activists’ perpetrated the biggest mass murder in Irish history, namely, the Dublin bombings in May, 1974.

If the march truly was a victims’ demonstration, they would surely eschew the sectarian Orange Order and the loyalist activists who have been invited to accompany them.

I take the view that the march has more to do with antagonising the living than remembering the dead.

Tom Cooper
23 Delaford Lawn
Dublin 16

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