02 January 2006

Mala Poist: Equality


I have to admit that I’m a bit annoyed as we enter the New Year. I’m one of the few people who haven’t been visited by the PSNI in connection with the Northern Bank and the Stormont spy ring investigations. I haven’t had the TV cameras at my door and I haven’t had PSNI officers roaming my property like a herd of bewildered wildebeest.
Why leave me out, Mr Orde? I’m a Catholic, I’m a republican, I live in West Belfast. Is it something I said, or something I didn’t say?
My neighbours are starting to talk, I’m sure of it. One of them ignored me in Curley’s the other day. I’m expecting a summons to Connolly House any day now.
So, Hugh, do the right thing and raid my house. Bring the BBC and UTV along and feel free to lock me up for a few months. Don’t make me call the Equality Commission.


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