28 January 2006

Lisburn 'no' to council plan

Belfast Telegraph

28 January 2006

THE unionist-controlled Lisburn City Council has come out against the Government's proposals for a seven-council model in the province following local government elections in 2009.

Lisburn Council spent £24 million on a new civic centre which was opened only a few years ago and some councillors have expressed fears that the money could have been "wasted" if the headquarters of a proposed amalgamation of councils is located elsewhere.

The council's strategic policy committee has now agreed that until further consideration is given to the supercouncil plan the chief executive and other officers be instructed not to get involved in any discussions relating to the implementation of the seven-council model.

Former Mayor Alderman Jim Dillon said: "We believe the proposed new set-up would leave local government weak, remote and unrepresentative of the needs of local communities. We further believe it will damage community relations and increase sectarian division."

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