16 January 2006

IRSP split likened to Life of Brian


(Barry McCaffery, Irish News)

Internal divisions within the INLA's political wing have led to the formation of a new left-wing group headquartered in San Francisco.

In a statement yesterday (Wednesday) former IRSP spokesmen Peter Urban and Kevin 'Bap' McQuillan said they were breaking away from the INLA's political wing claiming it was coming under the influence of British Trotskyists.

The new group is titled the International Republican Socialist Coordinating Network Alliance (IRSCNA).

The IRSP split is understood to date back to divisions over the INLA's 1998 ceasefire announcement.

Mr Urban said the INLA's decision to call a ceasefire had led to the IRSP's involvement in "electoral nonsense".

"As Marxists we accept the perspective that the history of human civilisation is the history of class struggle and the INLA had always declared that it would maintain its arms until a 32-county Irish socialist republic was established," he said.

"The IRSCNA still believe that position to be correct."

However IRSP spokesman Willie Gallagher last night dismissed any suggestion that the new group would have any impact on Irish republican politics.

"It is easy to fight a war for Irish freedom from San Francisco," he said.

"This statement is more like something from the Life of Brian and that is how people will treat it."

January 16, 2006

This article appeared first in the December 15, 2005 edition of the Irish News.

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