25 January 2006

IRA suspect extradited from Spain to Germany


25/01/2006 - 11:42:36

A suspected member of the IRA wanted over an 1989 attack on a British army base in Germany has been extradited from Spain, prosecutors said today.

Leonard Joseph Hardy, 44, from Antrim, Northern Ireland, was arrested in August in a hotel in the Spanish resort city of Torremolinos.

Hardy is suspected of taking part in the attack on the British army’s Quebec barracks in Osnabruck in 1989, in which 12 bombs were planted at the base.

The attack was foiled by a workman who spotted the devices.

Prosecutors said he was one of at least five IRA Active Service Unit members that planned the attack, planting the bombs – made of a total of 265lbs of military-grade plastic explosives – around the base.

One exploded but caused no injuries, while the others malfunctioned, prosecutors said.

Four others involved in the attack were convicted in Germany in 1995 of attempted murder and sentenced to several years probation.

Hardy was flown to Frankfurt on Monday and taken into custody by federal police.

No date was immediately set for a trial.

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